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You know that having the right technology can be critical to your success. But which companies have what you really need? No software will give you everything you need "out of the box." How much customization will you need? How will you make the right decision?

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N-Cycles has the expertise to help you design and build the right software for your business that includes exactly what you need and is engineered to match the way your people work. Can't decide between SFA and CRM? N-Cycles has built applications that automate the salesforce and allow marketing to manage the customer relationship.

The N-Cycles skill set is tailored to doing just one thing and doing it extremely well: developing mission-critical applications that will accelerate your business success.

Read on to receive answers to your questions about our Methodology and Technology experience, as well as an opportunity to read the White Papers written by our team. Go to the Results section of the site to learn the business benefits that our solutions have delivered to our existing clients.

N-Cycles delivers business-driven custom software on time and on budget. Solutions tailored to your needs. Applications designed specifically for your business. Systems that deliver a competitive advantage. Technology engineered for growth and quality. Mission-Critical Software that provides real cost savings.

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N-Cycles is currently expanding its focus on Vital Records projects in the public sector. Having recently completed assessments and small projects for various state governments, the company is currently working on a major integrated birth registration and issuance system.

CEO Darin Shaffer explains:

"N-Cycles has shown that previous experience in building enterprise systems is critical to ensuring a successful project for our clients. Delivering applications that take Vital Records workflow to the next level is now a core focus for N-Cycles."

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